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Weekly Maritime Crime and Piracy Update – Week of 4 May 2011

Rob Almeida
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May 12, 2011

Maritime Crime and Piracy Summary, week of 4 May 2011 (Source: ONI)

piracy, indian ocean, attack


  • A container ship was robbed 7 May 2011 at 0642 UTC while anchored in position 02:20S – 079:58W, at the Guayaquil inner anchorage, Ecuador.  Twelve robbers in two boats armed with guns approached a container ship at anchor. They boarded the ship using hooks and ladders. Master raised alarm, activated SSAS and crew locked all accommodation doors. The robbers stole cargoes from three containers and escaped. Port control informed. Coast guard and the harbor official came for investigation. (IMB)


  • A chemical tanker was boarded on 8 May at 0300 LT in the Cotonou anchorage at position 06:15.9N – 002:26.7E off Benin.  Armed robbers boarded a chemical tanker at anchor. They threatened and assaulted some crew members. Robbers stole ship’s properties, crew personal properties and escaped. One crew member remains missing. (IMB)


  • Oil tanker (UACC AL MEDINA) was fired upon by one skiff on 11 May at 1950 UTC while underway in position 18:42N 059:32E, approximately 230NM south of Sur, Oman. (UKMTO, IMB).
  • Bulk cargo ship (MBA LIBERTY) was fired upon by two skiffs on 10 May at 1115 UTC while underway in position 17:37N 058:00E, approximately 325NM northeast of Salalah, Oman. (UKMTO, IMB).
  • Bulk cargo ship (RABEE) was fired upon on 8 May at 0840 UTC while underway in position 12:07N 059:26E, approximately 290NM east of Socotra Island, Yemen. (UKMTO, IMB).
  • Bulk cargo ship (FULL CITY) was boarded by pirates on 5 May at 0330 UTC while underway in position 14:58N 066:38E, approximately 415NM west of Goa, India. (UKMTO, Open Sources)
  • Oil tanker was fired upon by two skiffs on 6 May 1425 UTC while underway in position 16:14N – 055:53E, approximately 110NM southeast of Salalah, Oman. (UKMTO)
  • Cargo ship (KING GRACE) was fired upon by one skiff with four pirates onboard on 5 May at 1150 UTC while underway in position 14:43N – 056:13E, approximately 183NM southeast of Salalah, Oman. (UKMTO, IMB)

Indian Ocean Piracy Forecast: 12-14 May

Currents off the Somalia coast are variable with speeds up to 1 knot from the Equator to 5N.  Current speeds up to 3.5 kts may be seen along the coast between 5N and 10N.  Gulf of Aden conditions remain conducive for piracy attacks through 18 May.  Transition to the Southwest monsoon season has begun in the North Arabian Sea, with sustained winds and increased seas.  Expect these increased winds and seas to slowly expand westward through the month of May.

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