Maritime YouTube sensation Chief Makoi explaining who is responsible for the Ever Given

Watch: Who Is Responsible For The Ever Given Grounding?

John Konrad
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March 27, 2021

by John Konrad (gCaptain) Who is responsible for the Ever Given Grounding? And who will pay for the damages?

This is a complicated topic considering the captain is Indian, the canal pilots are Egyptian, the owners and shipbuilders are Japanese, the operator is German, the insurance company is British, the charterer is Taiwanese, the cargo is Chinese, the salvors are Dutch, the ship is Panamanian, and the all-important classification society is American.

It would take an Admiralty lawyer weeks to explain all the legal complexities of this case but for those looking for a short and accurate answer to this question. Or you can just get a solid overview of the topic by watching this short but solid video from maritime YouTube Star Chief Makoi, who is the chief engineer of a containership like the Ever Given.

P.S. Once you’re finished please head over to The Atlantic and read this excellent article – Why Ships Keep Crashing by David A. Graham – on who is responsible for making sure this doesn’t happen again.

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