Watch the First Official Movie Trailer for ‘Deepwater Horizon’

Mike Schuler
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June 1, 2016

The first full-length trailer for the upcoming film Deepwater Horizon is here and after having watched it I have to say I’m really looking forward to this movie.

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A shorter teaser for the film was released in March with mixed reviews. It was almost bit cheesy, playing up the oil comes from dinosaurs theme and the love story between Mark Wahlberg and Kate Hudson’s characters. A lot of comments online mentioned that the movie appeared to be sponsored by BP because it almost implied that the mean-old-dinosaurs were to blame for one of the world’s man-made environmental disasters in history – forgetting that BP was found to be grossly negligent in the Gulf oil spill. I didn’t get that sense as much watching this new trailer, with John Malkovich appearing to play the BP company man whose job it is to put profits above all else.

More pros from the trailer: the visual effects and action sequences look legit, the cast is obviously stacked (Wahlberg, Hudson, Malkovich, Kurt Russell to name a few),  and the director Peter Berg did Lone Survivor and we hear went to extreme lengths to make sure the film was as accurate and true-to-life as possible. I also like that the the trailer is titled “Heroes” and really focusses on the real-life heroes aboard the Deepwater Horizon who without a doubt saved many lives that day.

Deepwater Horizon is in theaters September 30, 2016. Will you see it?

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