VIDEO: Finland’s FNS Louhi and OPV Turva in Full Scale Ice Trials

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June 1, 2016

Video from Aker Arctic of full scale ice trials for the Finnish vessels Louhi and Turva that were held in winter 2016 in the Gulf of Bothnia offshore Finland.

The first part of the video shows the FNS Louhi during astern ridge penetration tests. The 3,450-ton vessel multipurpose oil and chemical spill response vessel is operated by the Finnish Navy and outfitted for operations in open water, high seas, and ice conditions typical of Baltic Sea winters. The drone view offers a great view of the two 2.7 MW Rolls-Royce Z-drive thrusters working as the vessel powers through the ice in full astern.

The OPV Turva is one of the world’s first LNG-powered offshore patrol vessels and at a length of 95.9 meters is the largest vessel in the Finnish Border Guard fleet. Turva was delivered in 2014 from the STX Rauma shipyard and is fitted single controllable pitch propeller mechanically driven by a medium-speed Wärtsilä dual fuel engine, as well as two electric Rolls-Royce Azipull Z-drive thrusters. The Turva is equipped for oil recovery, but also has sophisticated radar systems and a helideck capable of receiving and refueling Super Puma helicopters both on deck and while hovering. Despite having a bulbous bow, the Turva can also operate in certain ice-covered waters.


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