VIDEO: Finland’s FNS Louhi and OPV Turva in Full Scale Ice Trials

Video from Aker Arctic of full scale ice trials for the Finnish vessels Louhi and Turva that were held in winter 2016 in the Gulf of Bothnia offshore Finland. The first part of the video shows the FNS Louhi during astern ridge penetration tests. The 3,450-ton vessel multipurpose oil and chemical spill response vessel is operated by the Finnish … [Read more...]

Blazing Sideways Through the Ice – Baltika Gets Optested [VIDEO]

Aker Arctic just released video of the Baltika running through recent operational tests in the arctic, proving her ability to operate as an icebreaking escort vessel in oblique mode. She is quite unique when compared to similar vessels in that she features an asymmetric hull design. Watch the video here: For a full report on her ice trials, click¬†here. … [Read more...]

Russia’s Oblique Icebreaker “Baltika” Tested in Arctic Ice

Baltika, the first ship ever built with an asymmetric hull form, demonstrated what she was designed to do while conducting full scale ice trials recently. The ship was designed by Aker Arctic as an icebreaking escort vessel with a hull that allows it to break ice while operating ahead, astern or in the above case, sideways. The latter operation is utilized to open a channel … [Read more...]

Finland’s Government Acquires Majority Stake of Aker Arctic

With the threat of Aker Arctic leaving Finland to pursue more profitable pastures, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd, an investment arm of Finland's government announced today that it has acquired a 66.4 percent stake of Aker Arctic Technology Oy,¬†the world's leading engineering firm specializing in the design of icebreaking ships. Should the company move out of Finland in the … [Read more...]

Arctech Helsinki to Build New Icebreaker for Finnish Government

Arctech Helsinki Shipyard said Wednesday it has won a public tender from the Finnish Transport Agency for the construction of a new dual-fuel icebreaker for the Finnish government. Arctech says the shipbuilding contract is planned to be sign by the end of this year and building of the icebreaker is expected to start in early 2014. A contract for the design was awarded to … [Read more...]