WATCH: Scary Footage Shows Ship Pilot Fall from Ladder

Mike Schuler
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April 26, 2016

Some scary footage posted online shows the moment a ship pilot falls into the water during a boarding in rough seas.

The footage was posted by the facebook group Humans at Sea. The group provided no details about the accident, including when or where it happened or whether or not the pilot was rescued. Luckily you can see the pilot barely clear the stern of the pilot boat without being crushed between the boat and ship.

Comments online have been critical of the boat crew’s reaction to the incident, although you can clearly see the crewman immediately alert the pilot boat skipper before rushing over to the life ring. Still in the video you can see the pilot left swimming for at least 40 seconds with no sign of the life ring in the vicinity.

If you have any details about the video, please share on social media.


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