WATCH: How NOT To Capsize When Crossing The Bar [VIDEO]

John Konrad
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June 4, 2015

Two fishing boats from Riverton battle their way through and over the Greymouth Bar after the river flooded from heavy rains which had hit the area over the previous 24 hours. The bar is one of the most dangerous bars in New Zealand.

Curious how NOT to capsize your fishing vessel in heavy seas?

Have trouble understanding Kiwi? Then try this!

New Zealand journalist Geoff Mackley decided to visit the infamous Greymouth Bar, grab the saltiest old sea-captain he could find; an unintelligible yet undeniably talented Kiwi fisherman, and ask that very question. The dialogue in this video is impossible to understand but, trust us, amid the profanity is secret to heavy surf shiphandling.

“This incredible footage was first shown on New Zealand news that night. We were filming the river mouth for a documentary channel when we saw these two boats approach. There have been many deaths over the years and we were amazed that they made it.” said Geoff Mackley 

My favorite part? When the old salt watches the boat get swamped and says “She’ll be ’right, ow. Bob’s your uncle.”

Love that guy!

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