VTT SenseWay launches ZediSense – an intelligent sensor which gives access to revolutionary data

VTT SenseWay launches ZediSense – an intelligent sensor which gives access to revolutionary data

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April 10, 2022

Cruise passenger or an offshore worker might soon spend their nights safer than before. Say bye, bye to unnecessary interruptions by personnel knocking on the door – now there is high quality real-time data about peoples’ presence in the cabin. Peoples’ macro and micro movements are being tracked by proprietary millimeter radar wave technology and software created by VTT SenseWay. As a positive impact to customers this new data source enables savings in operational costs. What makes this new technology innovation even more appealing, is that its data can be used to decrease CO2 emissions.

The idea for the product originated from a customer need to improve safety onboard cruise vessels. Company behind the product – VTT SenseWay – used this interesting customer problem as a source for their internal innovation session. Suitable technology proved to be radar based and the company wanted to productize it. Captain Anu Peippo who is the Chief Experience Officer of the startup founded in 2019 comments: ‘It was clear from the start that on top of the safety related features we can offer much more value for our customers.’ The product – ZediSense – has several positive effects: better productivity, sustainability, and end customer comfort.

There was an expressed need for a technology that could improve safety of cruise vessel passengers in emergency situations, Anu continues. We embraced the challenge and started a product development process in August 2021. As a result, we can now enjoy the benefits of this intelligent device, which can sense if there are people in the cabin. 

ZediSense – the innovation, combines robust hardware and proprietary software integrated together by VTT SenseWay. Intelligence and sensitivity are delivered in compact size which makes it convenient for cruise vessels, superyachts, and buildings.

Tested in a real environment

VTT SenseWay has successfully tested the product on a passenger ferry. Independent research company prepared a report based on the test results The test results were also used to calculate potential savings that could be achieved if cabin ventilation was optimized based on real-time presence information. More information about the test results and savings potential can be found at zedisense.com.

Cost savings 

Using ZediSense as a data source to several use cases creates the biggest economic benefits. Decreasing energy consumption creates savings in operational costs and leads to smaller CO2 emissions. The end customer enjoys smoother services and improved safety. One of the most interesting data types ZediSense can provide is the data about change from macro movement to micro movement – this can reveal when a person falls asleep. ZediSense is highly accurate – the movement in person’s chest created by breathing is enough for detection.  Our customers can now improve their existing systems and create totally new services. The more we talk to customers the more use cases we find – it is exciting comments Anu Peippo. 

Achieving sustainability targets

Combination of benefits ZediSense can bring to our customers create significant commercial opportunities. Who would not want to decrease CO2 emissions and improve safety and end customer comfort? ZediSense has global market potential reaching from cruise vessels to hotel rooms, office buildings and supported living solutions, Anu Peippo describes. There are some competitors working with similar technologies, but we are clearly among the first ones who have created a ready to use solution.

For the developers of this solution the most motivating aspect is to provide means to decrease CO2 emissions. Peippo is a certified captain and feels that it is the responsibility of all actors in marine industries to protect the sea and marine life. Rising temperatures have an impact on oceans, and it feels good to be able to launch a product which can create a decreasing impact on CO2 emissions Peippo concludes.

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