Voyage Of The T/S Enterprise

John Konrad
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January 29, 2008

Training Ship Enterprise
Photo by rkr806

Sea Fever brings us the annual cruise of Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s training ship Enterprise. This cruise has departed each winter for well over one hundred years and serves both as a platform for training future merchant officers and an escape from the regions brutal winter. Sea Fever tells us:

The Cape Cod Times set up a fantastic section on their website that follows Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s 2008 Sea Term Cruise. Canal to Canal: Sail Cape Cod to Panama with MMA is a collection of news stories, slide shows, video tours of T.S. Enterprise, interactive graphics and much more.

There are three blogs each offering a unique perspective on the experience. Captain Thomas L. “Tom” Bushy writes Sea Term 2008: Captains Blog which covers all of the things that you would expect a master of a training ship to be focused on. Cape Cod Times reporter Hilary Russ writes short posts in The Portal that present a outside the experience perspective of life at sea with cadets. Russ posts often get a decent volume of comments, many from parents of cadets thanking her for keeping them informed. Last but certainly not least, 4th class cadet Christiaan Conover writes MMA Sea Term 2008 blog from the perspective of a young person going to sea for the first time on a commercial ship. Christiaan also has a personal blog and is on Twitter and you can follow him here. These 3 primary bloggers are able to paint a pretty rich picture of life aboard the T.S. Enterprise.


You can also get a video tour of the enterprise by visiting Cape Cod Time’s YouTube page HERE. Here is a preview of the tour:

Take a look at all of the US based training ships HERE.

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