Lego Ships – M/V Lego Aircraft Carrier, Lego Lighthouse, Lego Bulk Ship

John Konrad
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January 29, 2008

In celebration of Lego’s 50th anniversary we bring you Lego Ships, Lego Lighthouses, Lego Aircraft carriers and other nautical lego sets.

Lego Aircraft Carrier

This absolutely enormous Lego aircraft carrier was made from over 200,000 individual bricks. The leviathan weighs in at just over 350 pounds. It has working aircraft elevators, a hangar, radar dishes, electrical lights and a working catapult/slingshot for launching the jets.

Lego Lighthouse


The area of ‘LEGO City’, in LegoLand Windsor, is a mock-up of a small Lego town.One of the most visible attractions in the area is the LEGO City Harbour, a set where live stunt shows are performed at intervals throughout the day, including dives from the top of a lighthouse into the harbor below.

Mystery LegoMan

Giant Lego Man at the beach

A daring rescue at sea was performed by tourists at the Dutch resort of Zandvoort. The efforts began when a large orange head was observed floating towards the beach. The man in question… well actually it was a giant, 8 foot tall, Lego person of unknown origin. Speculation leads to some sort of cargo mishap but details are yet unknown.

( Full Story | Photos | Video | gCaptain’s Original Post)

Lego Bulker


The Great Lakes Maritime Museum has on display the M/V STEWART J. CORT…  LEGO Ship. The vessel’s builder, Duane Collicott, tells us;

I have wanted to model the CORT for many years. My interest in her has many angles, including her status as the first thousand-footer and the uniqueness of her design among thousand-footers. Little did I know when I first considered it years ago that when I finally got around to actually building a model I would be using LEGO as the modeling medium. Read More…


Visit LegoLand San Diego (actually it’s in nearby Carlsbad) and you’ll be treated to a complete reproduction of a modern lego harbor… container ships, gantry cranes and all.

Thanks to Sea-Fever for the inspiration.

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