Video Illustrates Violence Seen in Attacks Off Nigeria

Mike Schuler
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March 7, 2013

Bullet holes in the forward bridge windows.

Some new video has surfaced showing damaged sustained by the offshore supply vessel, MV Walvis 7, following an attack offshore Nigeria.

Crew members of the Walvis 7 fell victim to a gang of pirates on February 7 near the Port of Onne in Nigeria, however the video description says that the damage shown was following an attack from sometime in 2012.

During the attack in February, a group of twelve heavily armed men stormed the vessel and kidnapped two crewmembers including the Ukrainian chief engineer.

The video does a good job of depicting the extremely violent nature of the attacks in the region.  A related story about the surge of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea can be found at: Nigerian Offshore Attacks Surge As Pirates Advance, Violence Increases

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