Ulstein: “Nurturing a Culture of Innovation”

Rob Almeida
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January 28, 2015


The story of Ulstein’s X-Bow design is one that reminds us all that opportunities for innovation are right in front of us if we know where to look.

Since unleashing this ground-breaking concept to the market in 2005, it’s unique hull form has been widely accepted by the offshore oil and gas sector.  Roughly 10 years later on 14 January 2015, Ulstein announced Bernhard Schulte/WINDEA Offshore placed the 100th newbuild order for an Ulstein X-Bow that also features their new X-Stern concept.

“We can now see that X-BOW has been a huge success in the more recent history of ULSTEIN. When we sold our UT design to Rolls-Royce in 1999, we decided to build a new design portfolio and quickly came up with the concept for the new hull design,’ says Deputy Group CEO, Tore Ulstein.

“The characteristics of the first ships with this hull design allowed them to sail in heavy seas at higher speeds, or to maintain their speed while consuming less fuel.  At the same time, you avoided bow impact from waves, which increases comfort for the crew on board. Also, the waves do not climb over the top of the hull. Also, there is less spray being generated, meaning there is less ice formation in cold waters – something that is very important from a safety perspective,’ says Tore Ulstein.

Listen to their story here, filmed in 2005:

gCaptain visited Ulstein’s yard in Ulsteinvik, Norway in June 2014, read my report and see photos HERE.



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