Crowley: Raising the Costa Concordia – The Full Story Behind the Largest Maritime Salvage in History

Mike Schuler
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January 28, 2015

Photo courtesy Italian Civil Defense Department

Crowley Maritime Corporation has just published an in-depth promotional piece telling the fascinating true story of the salvage of the Costa Concordia cruise ship in Italy.

Shortly following the initial wreck, Crowley’s subsidiary Titan Salvage along Italy’s Micoperi were appointed to lead the consortium tasked with raising the Costa Concordia, which has become known as the largest and most complex maritime salvage in history.

The piece covers just about everything there is to know about the historic job, from detailing those involved and the 5 project phases of the salvage, to the impact on the Island of Giglio and the efforts to restore the environment back to its original state.

The Costa Concordia shipwreck was refloated and towed from Giglio in July 2014, approximately 20 months after the ship first came to rest along the small Italian island. The wreck is now set to be dismantled in Genoa, Italy.

Check out the piece in an online reader HERE or you can download a PDF copy HERE

Raising the Costa Concordia Cover

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