UKHO releases new passage planning tool

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November 15, 2016


ADMIRALTY Passage Planner is a new back of bridge application that helps bridge officers to create passage plans with increased speed and accuracy.

Produced by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, it allows users to automatically calculate safe clearances for plotted routes using ADMIRALTY TotalTide data. Results are constantly checked against set parameters, highlighting any potential dangers when changes are made. This means users do not have to manually re-check calculations and can be confident that they will be informed if their plan does not meet set safety criteria.

ADMIRALTY Passage Planner also recalculates entered ETAs and required leg speeds when times and dates are changed. This can save repetitive manual rework and helps bridge officers to make important changes with increased efficiency.

The short film below shows these features in action, as well as the ability to import routes from compatible ECDIS and produce documentation to support compliance. You can also find out more about ADMIRALTY Passage Planner on


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