Grounded Ship – Video Of Helicopter Rescue

John Konrad
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February 3, 2008

The BBC Tells us;

A cargo ship captain who was seriously injured in a force 10 gale off the Isles of Scilly is in hospital after being rescued by helicopter.

Chief Petty officer Dave RiggThe aircraft lifted six other people from the ship 70 miles off Land’s End. Two of them had less serious injuries.

The three are believed to have been hurt when a giant wave hit the vessel and the cargo shifted.

Rescue attempts had to be abandoned overnight because of the extreme weather conditions and darkness.

After Saturday’s successful mission, Chief Petty Officer Dave Rigg said: “We pitched up on scene. I got lowered down on to the deck, went in, assessed the three casualties first.

“They were all fairly stable so whilst I was doing that I called for my colleague from the Ambulance Service.

“He then assisted me getting them into the stretcher – we then got the casualties into the aircraft and made our way back.” Continue Reading…

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