Turkish Ro-Ro Runs Into Residential Community In Southern Greece

John Konrad
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September 5, 2016

RoRo SAFFET BEY Aground Neapoli, South Peloponnese, Greece very close to residential homes.

The Turkey flagged RoRo SAFFET BEY ran hard aground at a full speed of 16 knots around midnight Saturday morning, on the west side of the natural harbor of Prophet Elias, Lakonias, Greece. The grounding caused a deafening noise that woke nearby residents. 

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22 crew members were aboard at the time but no reports of injury or oil are reported. The amount of hull damage is unknown. 

The cause of the incident is also unknown but the AIS track suggests she missed a turn while rounding the southern Greek island of Kythira.

The Saffet Bay is a RoRo ship owned, operated and registered in Turkey. She is classed by Lloyd’s Register,  has a deadweight of 14107 tonnes, a length of 537ft (163.81m) and was built in 1987. The gross tonnage is 19689.


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