Tubes In The Ocean – Bizarre Marine Technology

John Konrad
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July 3, 2009

Ocean Straws - Graphics By Popscience

For this week’s pick of Bizarre Marine Technology we wanted to go with Glacier Blankets but, although they would likely be transported to the Artic on ships, the relationship to marine transport is thin. But don’t worry, we have an equally interesting technology for you today… ocean tubes. We’ll let Atomocean, the company developing this technology, explain:

Atmocean is developing its patents-pending wave-driven ocean upwelling system to cool the upper ocean and enhance natural biological processes to absorb CO2. When widely deployed across critical ocean regions, the Atmocean technology may help fight global warming by sequestering significant amounts of CO2 in the deep ocean, reduce hurricane intensity, help revive ocean fisheries, and mitigate coral reef bleaching.

Upwelling is the naturally-occurring mixing of deep, cold, nutrient-rich ocean into the upper sunlit ocean that is critical to growth of most marine species. As the upper oceans absorb more heat from the atmosphere due to the greenhouse effects of CO2 and other heat-trapping gases, they become more stratified, further risking the natural delivery of nutrients to the sunlit zone.

Atmocean believes our wave-driven upwelling technology can play a critical role in mitigating these deleterious effects of CO2-induced warming, in the years and decades ahead.

If your still with us the following video helps explain the technology further.

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