Offshore Rig Disaster Links

John Konrad
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July 8, 2007

Oil Rig DisatersWe covered this link in our post “Piper Alpha Disaster – 19 Year Anniversary of Tragedy” but I think the site is good enough to warrant its own post. Here’s the site description:

A listing of major offshore oil and gas drilling-related incidents, with details and photographs of the drilling rigs involved. The Rig Incident List is an on-going project listing all major rig incidents and accidents researched so far. As time allows, a description of each incident will be put online with photos, where available.

Here are the top links from the site:

10 Deadliest Accidents

10 Most Expensive Accidents

Offshore Blowouts

Structural Collapse

Sunk Rigs

Hurricane Damage

For a look at a discussion on the cause and effect of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Tragedy and read the blog post “Deepwater Horizon Explosion – Breaking News” for a real time look at the events behind a modern oil rig explosion & fire.

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