The Twin Marine Lifter – Heavy Lift Monster

John Konrad
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April 1, 2008

Seametric's Twin Marine Lifter - Heavy Lift Ship

MarineLog brings us info on the new Heavy Lift design by SeaMetric International. The Twin Marine Lifter will consist of 2 DP class 3 heavy transport vessels with a dwt capacity of 25.000 tonnes. They will have accommodations for 41, a helideck, and will be capable of submersion to -20 meters. When used as a heavy lift vessel the two ships will merge and the unit to be transported will be brought in to straddle the two units creating one monster heavy lift ship.

Offshore Shipping Online tells us:

Twin Marine LifterTransporting jack-up rigs and the majority of semi-submersible drilling rigs as well as topsides modules and other major loads, in addition to their primary role as offshore decommissioning vessels.

“By having a DP Class 3 heavy lift system and accommodation facilities, we will not be dependant on anchor handler vessels, tugs, daily helicopter shuttling and accommodation offshore, which will reduce the operational costs significantly. We will also be capable of secure operation in congested areas and above subsea pipelines. The flexibility of use of the base vessels in the heavy transport market will maximise our utilisation and therefore improve our potential profitability,” said the company’s Managing Director, Johan F Andresen.

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