The Heartwarming Story Behind The Maersk Star

Mike Schuler
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February 14, 2014


In honor Valentine’s Day today, Maersk Group has shared with us the heartwarming but little-known story behind the Maersk star.

The seven-pointed star has been part of Maersk’s identity since it was emblazoned on the funnel of the first steamship, the S.S. Laura, in 1886. We’ve all seen it, but rarely do you ever question its origin.

As the story goes, A.P. Møller’s mother, Anna Møller, was accompanying her husband Captain Peter Mærsk Møller on an ocean voyage when she fell seriously ill to the point where it was questionable if she would even make it.

One night, as the Captain stood on deck, he looked up into the cloudy night sky and prayed for his wife’s well-being. As he looked up, there was a break in the clouds through which he saw a single star, giving the Captain a sense of hope for his ill wife.

The story ends well, with Mrs. Møller eventually beating the illness. As for Captain Møller, well he was so inspired by the “star of hope” that he incorporated it into the Mærsk logo, which still holds true to this day.

In a letter wrote to Anna explaining the symbolism star, Peter Maersk Møller wrote:

“The little star on the funnel is a reminder of the evening I prayed for you so dejectedly and anxiously, asking for the sign that I might see in the grey, overcast sky, a reminder that the Lord hears our prayers.”

And that folks, is the heartwarming story behind the Maersk star.

Pictured: The funnel of the Maersk Edith. Image courtesy Maersk Group via Flickr

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