The Case Of The Killer Catch – Special Edition MAC Report

John Konrad
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September 12, 2007

Pesbo BSC25m Lifeboat Drawing

Bob Couttie sent us an email yesterday announcing a Special Edition of his Maritime Accident Casebook. Lifeboat Releasing GearWhy did he release this issue early? ….because it’s a look at lifeboat safety and more specifically the details of a recent incident that claimed the life of three maritime officers, a bosun and cadet.

We recently received a response to our Maritime Mythbuster story request. Our question to readers: “What nautical myths would you like gCaptain to debunk?”. The very first response questioned the myth “More people have been killed in lifeboat incidents than saved by them since the sinking of the titanic”. We do not know the answer to this myth (maybe Bob can enlighten us) but Bob’s podcasts have proven, lifeboats are extremely dangerous.

Maritime Accident Case File:

The Case Of The Killer Catch

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