Thursday, March 4, 2021

Tsunami Alerts Issued in Pacific After 8.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes New Zealand

Update: Authorities have canceled tsunami warnings as the threat has passed. By Praveen Menon WELLINGTON, March 5 (Reuters) – Thousands of New Zealanders on the east coast of the country’s...

March 4, 2021
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Thursday, October 4, 2018
Maritime News

Engineer Recounts How Indonesian Tsunami Beached His 500-Tonne Ship

By Kanupriya Kapoor and Tom Allard WANI, Indonesia, Oct 4 (Reuters) – Ship’s engineer Charles Marlan had the unsettling sensation his vessel was being sucked out to sea, the telltale...

October 4, 2018
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Monday, October 9, 2017
Maritime News

The High Price of Protecting Arctic Towns From Tsunamis and Icebergs

By Adam Popescu (Bloomberg) — An island with a 3,893-foot granite mountain juts out of the icy ocean in Greenland’s Karrat Fjord. Beside icebergs the size of football fields lies...

October 9, 2017
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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bitter Lessons of Japan’s 2011 Tsunami Put to Use With Latest Quake

By Elaine Lies TOKYO, Nov 22 (Reuters) – Massive tsunami waves slammed into Japan’s northeastern coast more than five years ago, killing about 18,000 people and prompting authorities to revise...

November 22, 2016
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Monday, November 21, 2016
Maritime News

Tsunami Warning Issued After Large Earthquake Hits Off Fukushima, Japan

Tsunami Warning issued for Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. Reports say a tsunami of 90cm has been observed at Onahama Port, Iwaki, Fukushima.  By Yuka Obayashi and William Mallard TOKYO, Nov 22...

November 21, 2016
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Monday, August 22, 2016

New Science: Using Ships For Tsunami Warning

  by James Foster, University of Hawaii (TheConversation) Racing across ocean basins at speeds over 500 miles per hour, tsunamis can wreak devastation along coastlines thousands of miles from their origin....

August 22, 2016
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Animation Shows Tsunami From 8.2 Magnitude Earthquake in Chile

Here is the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center’s near real-time animation for the tsunami from northern Chile following the 8.2 magnitude earthquake that was centered just off the coast on 1...

April 2, 2014
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Monday, May 13, 2013

WATCH: “Ice Tsunami” Swallows Homes in Minnesota

Well this is crazy....

May 13, 2013
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

NYK Line’s New Tsunami Alert System Warns Vessels of Impending Danger

We have all heard that tsunamis pass harmlessly beneath ships at sea, and that their true force doesn’t present itself until the seafloor rises to force the wave up and...

April 11, 2013
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Drilling Into The Tsunami – An Update From The Chikyu

Reaching from Chile up to the Bering Sea, then down again to New Zealand, the fault lines circling the Pacific Ocean are named The Pacific Ring of Fire and are...

April 3, 2012
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ship Photo of The Week – Tsunami Ghost Ship Spotted Off British Columbia

More than a year after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan, a Japanese fishing boat has been found drifting aimlessly off the coast of British Columbia. The beat up...

March 24, 2012
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Monday, March 5, 2012

WOC – We need your help in tracking marine debris from Japan’s tsunami

The World Ocean Council (WOC) is reaching out to the maritime community and vessels transiting between Japan and North America for information and observations of marine debris from the tsunami...

March 5, 2012
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tracking Marine Debris from the Japanese Tsunami

By NOAA’s Office of Response and Restoration The March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan were tragic events, but you can help NOAA in the aftermath of these disasters by...

February 1, 2012
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tsunami Escape Pod – New Technology Could Save You From The Next Giant Wave

It was the day after Christmas 2004 when my wife received a call from a relative asking if I was ok. I departed the region a week before, but the...

November 26, 2011
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Damaged by the Tsunami, A Drillship Fights Back

Reaching from Chile up to the Bering Sea, then down again to New Zealand, the fault lines circling the Pacific Ocean are named The Pacific Ring of Fire and are...

November 2, 2011
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Magnitude 7.4 quake hits off Japan, tsunami warning issued (Update)

Japan’s Meterological Agency reports a magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan this morning at 23:32 JST. According to estimates, the resulting tsunami should have just hit the Japanese...

April 7, 2011
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Most Spine-Chilling Tsunami Video Ever Shot

There have been no shortage of video coming from Tsunami ravaged Japan and just a few days ago gCaptain highlighted the five worst. But gCaptain and the news media missed...

March 29, 2011
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Monday, March 21, 2011
Japan Tsunami - Ship On Seawall

Japan Tsunami Photos – Top 10 Photos Of Maritime Disaster & Recovery

It’s said that a photo speaks a thousand words, which is why we bring you the top maritime tsunami photos from the earthquake that struck Japan. A man cycles by...

March 21, 2011
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Are Tsunami’s Harmless At Sea? Video of Japanese ship encountering tsunami at sea.

We have all heard that tsunami’s pass harmlessly beneath ships at sea, that their true force doesn’t present itself until the seafloor rises to force the wave up and onto...

March 20, 2011
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

US Navy 7th Fleet Update from Japan

U.S. 7th Fleet ships, aircraft and personnel continue to provide assistance to the people of Japan following the devastating earthquake that struck six days ago, while repositioning and posturing forces...

March 17, 2011
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