Elliot Bay Design Group to Design New Staten Island Ferries

Seattle-based naval architecture and engineering firm Elliot Bay Design Group (EBDG) says it has been awarded a contract from the New York Department of Transportation for the design of a new class of ferries to serve the Staten Island-Manhattan route. The scope of the project includes the complete design package, including contract drawings, specifications and other … [Read more...]

NTSB: Faulty Valve to Blame in Crash of Staten Island Ferry, Andrew J. Barberi

WASHINGTON - On May 8, 2010, the 310-foot-long passenger ferry Andrew J. Barberi lost propulsion control of one its two cycloidal propellers as the vessel approached St. George terminal, Staten Island, New York. The loss of propulsion control resulted from a solenoid failure in one of the vessel's propulsion control panels. The crewmembers on board the Andrew J. Barberi were … [Read more...]

Staten Island Ferry Crashes Into Pier – New York City

Today the Staten Island Ferry had an incident. The New York Times tells us: A Staten Island Ferry crashed into the dock just past 9 a.m. on Saturday morning, as it was coming into the St. George terminal, and emergency crews were responding after 65 people were injured at the scene, police, fire and United States Coast Guard officials said. There were no fatalities … [Read more...]