History: SS Eastland, The Ship That SOLAS Sunk

What is the "Eastland Phenomena"? by Dave Lochbaum (AllThingsNuclear) The sinking of the Titanic on her maiden voyage has been immortalized in countless books, articles, movies, and documentaries. Billions of people across the globe know about the luxury liner’s collision with an iceberg in the north Atlantic on April 14, 1912, on her way to New York City with … [Read more...]

New SOLAS Regs Tackle Confined Space Entry

With most of the recent regulatory focus being on the new SOLAS verified gross mass rule for packed containers, another new regulation has entered into force aimed at enhancing the safety of seafarers entering enclosed spaces by requiring ships to carry portable atmosphere testing equipment on board. Enclosed spaces are spaces that have limited … [Read more...]

IMO’s Container Weight Verification Rule Enters Into Force

A long-awaited new regulation requiring the gross mass of a container to be verified before it is loaded onto a ship enters into force on Friday amid some confusion over how the new rule will be implemented. The new rule, commonly referred to as the verified gross mass requirement, or SOLAS VGM, enters into force July 1, 2016 under the International Convention for the Safety … [Read more...]

US Exporters Exempt From SOLAS, says USCG

 By Alex Lennane, TheLoadStar - The US Coast Guard (USCG), which this week added further confusion to the soon-to-be enforced SOLAS rules on container weight verification, has written a blog post clarifying its position. As Rear-Admiral Paul Thomas noted at the JOC’s TPM event in Long Beach for US exports, the USCG will not require the exporter to … [Read more...]