VIDEO: Here’s How SMIT Salvage Removed the Grounded TS Taipei in Taiwan

In March 2016, Taiwan was faced with a major environmental disaster after the containership TS Taipei ran aground and split in two near New Taipei City in the northern part of the country, spilling oil that impacted a vast strech of coastline.  To prevent further damage to the environment, SMIT Salvage was hired to remove the vessel in a complex operation that involved … [Read more...]

Salvage Underway After Crew Abandons Bulk Carrier Off Cape Town

A salvage operation is underway to retrieve an abandoned bulk carrier from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South Africa following a fire in its engine room on Sunday. The South African Maritime Authority confirmed Tuesday that all 19 crew members have been evacuated from the ship and are currently in Cape Town. SAMSA was alerted to the incident on Sunday after the … [Read more...]

Transocean Winner ‘Stable’ Under Tow After Spending Two Weeks Aground in Scotland

The drilling rig that ran aground in bad weather on the Isle of Lewis a little over two weeks ago has been successfully refloated and stablized and is now under tow to a safe harbor, the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency said Tuesday. The rig, Transocean Winner, was refloated from Dalmore Bay on the west coast of Lewis at 10pm Monday night with the help of tugs and a … [Read more...]

Hard Aground: Transocean To Refloat Drilling Rig in Scotland

Salvors are planning to attach a second towline to the grounded drilling rig, Transocean Winner, crews continue to prepare to refloat the drilling rig off the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency reported Thursday. Officials hope that the remaining diesel oil onboard will be transferred later today, the Coastguard said. Any … [Read more...]

Salvage Team Preparing to Board Grounded Drilling Rig in Scotland

Final preparations were being made Tuesday afternoon to put a small team of salvage experts on board the grounded semi-submersible Transocean Winner off Scotland's Isle of Lewis after the rig blew ashore Monday morning. The team is expected to conduct an initial assessment of the rig as part of the ongoing operation to remove it. The 33-year-old Transocean Winner was … [Read more...]