Shipping Industry Expresses Concern Over Recent Trade Developments

The international shipping industry, as represented by multiple major shippowners' associations, is concerned over recent trade developments, particularly increases in protectionist measures which add a significant burden and cost to the free movement of goods. The concerns were expressed by a delegation made of up representatives from the International Chamber of Shipping … [Read more...]

China Ranks as Top Maritime Nation in the World, Report Says

China is the world's top shipping nation, followed by United States and Japan in the second and third spots, respectively, according to a new report released this week DNV GL and Menon Economics. The report, titled “The Leading Maritime Nations of the World”, was presented at the SMM trade fair in Hamburg, Germany. The study benchmarks the 30 leading maritime nations … [Read more...]

Greek Shipowners Say EU Tax Pressure Could Make Brexit ‘Not a Bad Thing’

ATHENS, June 8 (Reuters) - Greek shipowners could relocate to Britain after it leaves the European Union if European regulators demand changes to favourable shipping taxes in Greece, a top industry official said on Friday. The European Union has been pressing Greece to end generous tax allowances it grants shipowners, although the government has steered away from imposing … [Read more...]

All Aboard for Hedge Funds as Trade Tide Lifts Shipping

By Jonathan Saul and Maiya Keidan LONDON, Feb 19 (Reuters) - Forced to abandon ship after mistiming their investments five years ago, hedge funds are venturing back in a bid to profit from growing global trade flows. Around 90 percent of traded goods by volume are transported by sea and global shipping sectors, including dry bulk, are on course for a recovery this year … [Read more...]

Digitization Won’t Provide the Predicted Revolution in Container Shipping, Says Alphaliner

By Gavin van Marle (The Loadstar) - Predictions that the current crop of disruptive digital start-ups will revolutionize container shipping has been disputed by a leading liner analyst. Alphaliner this week suggested that, despite the considerable hype and hundreds of millions of dollars raised by freight and logistics start-ups in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, evidence … [Read more...]