Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson Defends Decision to End Southern Ocean Anti-Whaling Campaign

Captain Paul Watson from the controversial marine conservation group Sea Shepherd says that a lack of resources and technology compared to the Japanese whalers has made it impossible for the group to effectively combat the killing of whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. As the Japanese whaling fleet embarks on its annual whale hunt in the Southern Ocean, for the … [Read more...]

Outflanked Sea Shepherd Calls Off Southern Ocean Anti-Whaling Missions

TOKYO, Aug 29 (Reuters) - Japan will not lower its guard over its whaling even though its biggest foe - the Sea Shepherd conservation group - has said it will not send ships to disrupt its fleet this year, a government official said on Tuesday. Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, said in a statement on Monday the group's limited resources made it … [Read more...]

Japan Whaling Fleet Returns from Antarctic Hunt After Hitting Quota

By Elaine Lies TOKYO, March 31 (Reuters) - Japan's whaling fleet returned on Friday from its months-long Antarctic hunt in the name of scientific research with a take of more than 300 minke whales, a hunt that prompted complaints from Australia. The International Court of Justice ruled in 2014 that Japan should halt Antarctic whaling and Japan suspended its hunt for one … [Read more...]

Australia ‘Deeply Disappointed’ by Japan’s Continued Whale Hunt in Southern Ocean

SYDNEY, Jan 16 (Reuters) - Australia said on Monday it was "deeply disappointed" Japan had continued whaling in the Southern Ocean after anti-whaling activists published a photograph of a dead whale and two days after Australian and Japanese leaders discussed the issue. Australia has long opposed Japanese whaling and the contentious issue was raised in talks between Prime … [Read more...]

Sea Shepherd Finds Japanese Whaling Fleet in Southern Ocean

Activists with the controversial Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have located the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean setting the stage for what is sure to be another season of high seas drama and possibly violent confrontations in the remote Antarctic waters. Sea Shepherd said its vessels, including its new Ocean Warrior, intercepted part of the Japanese whaling … [Read more...]