SBX-1 SPOTD, The World’s Largest X-Band Radar

Today's Ship Photo Of The Day (SPOTD) show's the U.S. Navy's Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX-1) underway in the Pacific. Few are aware or familiar with this awesome ocean-going platform the US Navy Pacific Command has in its inventory. It is the largest X-Band Radar in the world, and it can travel anywhere on the oceans of the world at 8-9 knots and then remain on station … [Read more...]

The Best Boating Radar For Professionals

What happens when the radar stops rotating? In the case of new radar technology the answer is better picture quality and navigation. Simrad, Raymarine and Garmin radar interfaces. During the past 12 months gCaptain has extensively tested three radar systems, each utilizing a radar antenna and a multifunction display (aka. MFD or chartplotter - the unit that displays the … [Read more...]

Radar is out? Stop cursing and grab a plotting sheet.

Ok your entering the fairway at Galveston and your radar goes out, what is plan B? How about handing the mate a plotting sheet and sending him to the AIS? Before the look of confusion leaves his (or your) face here's what he needs to do: 1) Remember his grease pencil plotting skills. 2) Identify the critical targets, get their bearing off the gyro repeater along with … [Read more...]

Cosco Busan – Radar Images And NTSB Transcript

Back in November we worked with a number of organizations to bring you the path of the Cosco Busan on the day of its allision with San Francisco's Bay Bridge (article link). Today, in response to Paul Drouin's article "Pilotage Paradox - A Look Into The Cosco Busan Allision", our friend Professor Kurt Schwehr  has compiled the radar images of the incident on his blog. Take a … [Read more...]