Russia’s New Floating Nuclear Power Plant Sets Sail for the Arctic

MURMANSK, Russia, Aug 23 (Reuters) - Russia's first floating nuclear power plant set sail on Friday from the Arctic port of Murmansk to provide power to one of the country's most remote regions, sparking environmental concerns. Developed by the Russian state nuclear company Rosatom, the plant, known as "Akademik Lomonosov," set off on a 5,000 km (3,100 mile) journey through … [Read more...]

Navy Is Underfunding Nuclear Research Says U.S. Reps

by Timothy Gardner (Reuters) - Two Democratic lawmakers urged the U.S. Energy Department to move faster with a research program on converting nuclear reactors in the Navy's submarines and carriers from bomb-grade uranium to a safer fuel, a letter viewed by Reuters showed. Last year, Congress approved $5 million in defense policy and spending bills for the Energy Department's … [Read more...]

Russia Set to Dismantle First Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker

Russia is set to begin dismantling the nuclear icebreaker Sibir marking the first time ever that a nuclear-powered icebreaker has been sent for recycling. The icebreaker, which was built in 1978 at the Baltic Shipyard, was retired from service in 1993. With funding now approved, the icebreaker is set to be towed from Atomflot harbor to the Nerpa Shipyard north of Murmansk … [Read more...]

SPOTD: The World’s Largest & Heaviest Active Duty Warship

Today's Ship Photo Of The Day (SPOTD) is the Russian nuclear Battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy. Technically the Russian Navy designation is Kirov class "heavy missile cruiser", but Western defense commentators re-invented the term "battlecruiser" to describe these because they are the largest warships in the world besides aircraft carriers. With a length of 252 m (827 ft) and … [Read more...]

China’s Plans To Float Nuclear Reactors In Disputed Waters

by Kathy Chen and David Stanway (Reuters) China aims to launch a series of offshore nuclear power platforms to promote development in the South China Sea, state media said again on Friday, days after an international court ruled Beijing had no historic claims to most of the waters. Sovereignty over the South China Sea is contested by China, the Philippines, Vietnam, … [Read more...]