Aground on the Silver Strand

By Michael Carr - He was hard aground on the Silver Strand Beach at Coronado Island CA. Well, not just himself, but also his 315-foot ship and 32 Soldier crew. They had plowed right up on the beach while making way at 1.5 knots. He could feel the LSV 3 going aground, and it felt awesome! It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the sun was just coming up, there was thin fog over San … [Read more...]

Carr: Tobacco Juice, Rose Hips, and Sea Urchins

By Michael Carr - Tobacco Juice is the Island’s unofficial name. This mound of granite and scrub is just barely an Island, more like a pile of large and irregular shaped boulders sitting in Hurricane Sound. Her name as shown on NOAA chart 13305 is Lawry’s Ledge, but locals call her Tobacco Juice because on the chart she appears as a drop of tobacco juice. He was isolated … [Read more...]

It’s Gone!

By Michael Carr - Maine Maritime Academy sits on the shores of Penobscot Bay Maine, where the surface water temperature rarely exceeds 50 F, and that only occurs on the one weekend in August called “summer”. Below the surface layer, the 50 F water temperature quickly drops to the low 40s F and remains that temperature year around. Castine Harbor is deep, with the bottom … [Read more...]

Is He Dead? Or What Is a Stoma?

By Michael Carr - “Is he dead?” the diver asked. “Shit, I have no idea,” his buddy said. “Is he breathing?” asked the first diver. “You guys need to start CPR,” said the helicopter crew chief, we are taking off now. “Right,” said the first diver, as he and his buddy tried to position themselves to do just this inside the cramped crew compartment of the Coast … [Read more...]

Sometimes There is No Solution

By Michael Carr - He looked in through the C-130’s rear cargo doors. He could see all the way up to the cockpit landing, and just stared as he and his dive buddy bobbed in the large ocean swells. Looking below he saw the immense depths of the ocean, everywhere the endless ocean. But in front of him was this massive C-130 aircraft, bobbing in the large ocean swells. … [Read more...]