Hashish On the Ocean Floor

Disclaimer: The below sea story is a retelling of an operation from back in the 1980's.   CW4 Michael W. Carr - “Ok, everyone gather around, we have a new job, you are going to love this one,” said the Dive Team leader. They gathered in the middle of their large warehouse adjacent to the runway at US Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City NC. Surrounding them were … [Read more...]

Hazardous Cross Currents, Abrupt Direction Changes, and Rapid Tidal Currents

By Michael Carr - “Memorial Bridge, this is the Thomas Leighton, underway in 10 minutes, request opening please,” he called on Channel 13. He then paused, took a sip of coffee and keyed the VHF mic again: “Security Call, Security Call, Security Call, this is M/V Thomas Leighton underway from Freeman’s Point Portsmouth Harbor bound for Isles of Shoals, standing by for any … [Read more...]

Do You Have Any Weapons Onboard?

US Army Logistic Support Vessels (LSV) are the Army’s largest watercraft. At just under 300 ft LOA, they can carry 2000 tons of cargo, and are capable of steaming independently throughout the world. LSVs frequently transit the Panama and Suez Canals as they execute maritime missions. The author transited the Panama Canal multiple times as both Chief Mate and Master of LSVs. … [Read more...]

Inverse Catenaries and Being Run Over by a 10-meter Weather Buoy

By CW4 Michael Carr - “Sir, the buoy is accelerating, I can make out a bow wake, and it's heading right up our wake,” reported the Ensign to the USCGC Sweetbrier’s bridge. He was staring at the bright yellow buoy as it moved across the water, possessed it seemed, to ram the 180 foot Coast Guard Buoy Tender in her stern. “Right Full Rudder, all ahead Full,” commanded the … [Read more...]

Happiness is a Hard Hose

By Michael Carr - “Happiness is a hard hose!” Those words come from CDR Barry Chambers, the Coast Guard Atlantic Strike Team’s first commander. Forget what you might be thinking, he was referring to the eight-inch discharge hose which comes off the back end of a ADAPTs pumping system. ADAPTS is the Coast Guard’s acronym for “Air Deployable Anti-Pollution Transfer … [Read more...]