Ulysse Heads to Port Day After Detaching from Containership in the Mediterranean

The roll-on/roll-off passenger ferry Ulysse has set sail for Tunisia after the vessel was cleared to leave the scene of its collision with a containership off the coast of Corsica in the Mediterranean last Sunday. The two ships became detached late Thursday evening for the first time since the incident. With the vessels seperated, we're now getting our first good look at … [Read more...]

Ro-Ro Ulysse Separated from CSL Virginia After Collision in Mediterranean

The Tunisian roll-on/roll-off ferry Ulysse has separated from the containership CSL Virginia after the two collided Sunday in the Mediterranean Sea off Corsica. French officials said Thursday the ships separated at about 9:30 p.m. due to the combination of wave action and previous attempts to release the vessels. Both the Ulysse and CSL Virginia remain in the same area as … [Read more...]

Watch: AIS Animation Shows Mediterranean Ship Collision

We're getting our first look at the track of the Ro-Ro passenger vessel Ulysse before and after it collided with containership CSL Virginia early Sunday morning off the Mediterranean island of Corsica. The video below was created by VesselTracker using AIS data transmitted by both ships. The collision occurred before dawn Sunday morning approximately 17 miles (28 km) … [Read more...]

Response Continues for Mediterranean Ship Collision as Oil Slick Grows

European authorities are continuing to respond to an oil spill after a ferry collided with an anchored containership off the coast of Corsica on Sunday morning. France's Maritime Prefect reported Tuesday that the oil pollution now covers more than 15 miles (25km) and is broken up into 7 sections. Weather in the area is reported as calm, with waves to 1.25 meters and winds … [Read more...]

Photos: Oil Spills After Tunisian Ferry T-Bones Anchored Containership in Mediterranean

Update: Oil Slick Spreads Authorities in France and Italy are responding to a major oil slick after a  collided with an anchored containership in the Mediterranean Sea off the island of Corsica. The collision occurred Sunday morning when the Tunisian roll-on/roll-off ferry Ulysse collided broadside with the Cypriot registered containership CLS Virginia approximately … [Read more...]