Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Thursday, March 20, 2014
hoegh st. petersburg autoliners roro

Höegh St. Petersburg Car Carrier Arrives at Possible Crash Location in Southern Indian Ocean

After analysts from the Australian GeoSpacial-Intelligence Organisation detected possible pieces of large debris floating in the remote southern Indian Ocean,

March 20, 2014
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Maritime News

Sailors Looking Out Windows Trump Technology in Jet Search

Even in this high-tech age, the search for missing Malaysian Air Flight 370 may rely on good luck and the oldest of sensors: the human

March 19, 2014
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Maritime News

Ships Urged to Watch for Signs of Missing Malaysian Airliner

Seafarers transiting the Indian Ocean and South China Sea have been urged by the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) to listen out for maritime satellite

March 19, 2014
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Maritime News

Australia Joined by U.S. in Scouring Ocean Vastness for Missing Jet

The U.S. joined Australia in scouring an area in the southern Indian Ocean about 1 1/2 times the size of California for missing Malaysian Air Flight 370, as

March 18, 2014
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Search for MH370: Indian Ocean Poses Daunting Challenge

The southern Indian Ocean, where investigators suspect missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 may have come down, is one place where a commercial airliner can

March 16, 2014
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Malaysian Airliner Was Diverted Deliberately – Malaysian PM

A missing Malaysian airliner was likely to have been deliberately steered to a course that could have taken it anywhere from central Asia to the southern

March 15, 2014
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Search For Malaysian Jet Proving Tougher Than Two-Year Air France Hunt

As the search for the missing Malaysian jetliner shifts to the vast expanses of the Indian Ocean, the hunt for an Air France plane that vanished over the

March 14, 2014
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Do These Chinese Satellite Images Show MH370 Plane Wreckage? – UPDATE

New images released by the Chinese government show three large objects that may be wreckage debris from missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

March 12, 2014
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Songa Mercur

Rig Worker Says He Witnessed Plane Burning at High Altitude Off Vietnam

A crew member on board Songa Offshore’s drilling rig, the Songa Mercur, drilling offshore Vietnam, notes in an email he may have witnessed the missing

March 12, 2014
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Maritime News

Malaysia Expands Search for Missing Jet to Strait of Malacca

Malaysian investigators looking for a jet that went missing more than three days ago broadened their search to the Malacca Strait after scouring the sea near

March 11, 2014
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Monday, March 10, 2014

Mysteries of Deep Often Solved in Air Accidents Over Water

Teams searching for the wide-body jetliner that vanished off Vietnam almost certainly will locate it and figure out what brought it down, according to aviation

March 10, 2014
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Multi-National Search Continues for Missing Malaysia Airliner In “Unprecedented Mystery”

The disappearance of a Malaysian airliner about an hour into a flight to Beijing is an "unprecedented mystery", the civil aviation chief said on Monday, as a

March 10, 2014
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Missing Malaysian Jet Investigation Intensifies as Search Expands

Officials investigating the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines jetliner with 239 people on board suspect it may have disintegrated in mid-flight, a senior

March 9, 2014
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