Maersk Tankers Launches New Digital Business Venture

Maersk Tankers has announced the launching it a new standalone digital business that will help reduce carbon emissions and increase earnings for customers in the tramp shipping industry. The still un-named business unit will develop and sell the software product SimBunker to vessel owners and managers in the tramp shipping industry to help them use their vessels more … [Read more...]

Maersk Tankers to Add Eleven Vessels to its Managed Fleet

Maersk Tankers will add eleven vessels to its managed fleet in deal with BP Shipping and ICBC Financial Leasing. Under the terms of the agreement, Maersk Tankers will take each vessel under a bareboat charter arrangement which it will then hire out to BP under a time charter deal spanning three years. Maersk Tankers said the agreement involves three Suezmax, three MR and … [Read more...]

Norsepower Confirms Rotor Sails Fuel Savings

Finnish technology company Norsepower has confirmed fuel savings of more than 8 percent from a trial of its Rotor Sails onboard the Maersk Tankers product tanker, Maersk Pelican. The company's Rotor Sails are a modern version of a Flettner Rotor, a type of spinning cylinder that uses the Magnus effect to harness wind power to help propel a ship and enhance fuel … [Read more...]

Cargill and Maersk Tankers Join Forces in Medium-Range Tanker Pool

Cargill and Maersk Tankers will be joining forces in the Medium Range (MR) tanker segment as part of a strategic partnership that will see Cargill’s entire MR fleet joining Maersk Tankers’ existing MR pool. A press release said the partnership will create a new joint pool that will significantly increase the scope of their MR spot tanker business, combining Maersk Tankers’ … [Read more...]

Maersk Tankers to Install Scrubbers on Select LR2 Product Tankers

Maersk Tankers will invest in four scrubber systems to be installed on selected LR2 vessels in the Maersk Product Tanker fleet before January 2020. The scrubbers systems will help Maersk Tanker comply the upcoming IMO sulphur cap regulation, which limit the sulphur content in fuel oil used on board vessels globally to a maximum of 0.50% from the current 3.50% limit January … [Read more...]