LR Chosen to Class Canada’s New LNG-Powered Ferries

Following an RFP last December, BC Ferries awarded Gdansk-based shipyard Remontowa Shipbuilding a $165 million contract earlier this month to build three "Intermediate-class" dual fuel-powered ferries.  Lloyd's Register (LR) announced today they have won the contract to class these ferries. These 105-meter ships will will accommodate 145 vehicles, 600 passengers and be the … [Read more...]

Clean Skies Above and Clean Engine Rooms Below on LNG-Powered Ships

In 2001, Norway's largest ferry operator, Fjord1 commissioned the world's first LNG-powered ferry, the MV Glutra, and 13 years later the company now has a total of 12 LNG-fueled vessels. The decision to switch to gas as a fuel had been supported by the Norwegian Parliament five years earlier on the basis that large quantities of gas had been discovered on the Norwegian … [Read more...]

Brittany Ferries Orders New Gas Powered Flagship

Brittany Ferries announced Tuesday that it placed an order for a LNG-powered cruise-ferry to replace the company's current flagship, Pont-Aven. Brittany Ferries and STX France have been working together for two years on a feasibility study for powering a cruise-ferry by LNG. The new ship, costing some 270 million euros ($370 million) will be built by STX France in St. … [Read more...]

Washington State Ferries and DNV Explore LNG as a Fuel

Like all commercial vessel owners, the Washington State Ferries' (WSF) most significant expense is fuel.  As the largest ferry operator in North America, and the third largest worldwide, WSF burns more than 17 million gallons of ultra-low sulfur diesel each year. "It’s our fastest growing operating expense," comments Washington State Department of Transportation … [Read more...]

STX Finland Delivers World’s Largest LNG Powered Ferry, VIKING GRACE

Finland's Viking Line on Thursday said it has taken delivery of the highly anticipated LNG-powered ferry, Viking Grace, from STX Finland's Turku shipyard. Viking Grace was ordered in December 2010 from STX Finland to the tune of EUR 240 million and has since been praised as an 'environmental pioneer'. The ship is the largest passenger ferry ever built to be fueled by LNG and … [Read more...]