Gibraltar Boosts Port Preparations in Case of No Deal Brexit

By Jonathan Saul LONDON, Sept 13 (Reuters) - Gibraltar has extended port facilities to be able to handle more ships carrying goods as part of contingency plans if Britain leaves the European Union without an agreement, the British territory's maritime minister said on Friday. With a population of just over 30,000 people and a land area of nearly 7 square kilometres, … [Read more...]

Oil Tanker Seized In Gibraltar, What’s Next?

By Alex Longley (Bloomberg) When British Royal Marines helped seize an oil tanker off the southern tip of Spain on Thursday, they opened up a legal wrangle that could drag on for months. The Grace 1, a supertanker able to haul 2 million barrels of crude, was arrested in the early hours of July 4 because Gibraltarian authorities said they had grounds to believe it was going … [Read more...]

Iran Threatens British Shipping In Retaliation For Tanker Seizure

Parisa Hafezi (Reuters) - An Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander threatened on Friday to seize a British ship in retaliation for the capture of an Iranian supertanker by Royal Marines in Gibraltar. “If Britain does not release the Iranian oil tanker, it is the authorities’ duty to seize a British oil tanker,” Mohsen Rezai said on Twitter. The Gibraltar government said … [Read more...]

Spanish Warship Ordered Ships to Leave British Waters Near Gibraltar

LONDON, Feb 18 (Reuters) - A Spanish warship tried to order commercial shipping to leave anchorages in British waters near Gibraltar but was challenged by the British navy and sailed away, Gibraltar said, the latest example of tension over the strategic port as Brexit approaches. The Spanish ship tried to order ships to leave their anchorages on the eastern side of the Rock, … [Read more...]