NOAA’s New Marine Forecast Product Improves Weather Forecasts and Safety at Sea

By Tom Cuff, Director, NOAA’s Ocean Prediction Center NOAA’s Ocean Prediction Center (OPC) rolled out a new forecast product suite this week to provide mariners with comprehensive weather forecasts every 24 hours out to day four. Our goal is to deliver the very best impact-based decision support services and products possible to our users. These 72 hour surface weather and … [Read more...]

Intense Storm Affecting North Atlantic Shipping Routes [UPDATE]

UDPATE The hurricane force storm that was over the western North Atlantic shipping lanes Feb. 23rd-24th has weakened and turned northward towards Greenland, however, a second storm has developed off the US East Coast over night moving eastward and is also producing storm to hurricane force winds (50-65 knots) with waves forecast to build also up to over 11 meters (38 … [Read more...]

What Does Sandy’s Wind “Look” Like?

We've all seen those somewhat complicated NOAA weather forecasts with the 500 millibar lines and the frontal boundaries and unless you're a meteorologist, or just really good at reading those charts, they've never really provided a good visual of what the wind is ACTUALLY doing. Thanks to MIT research scientists, Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg, who now lead Google's … [Read more...]

Weather Group Looks To Improve Hurricane Forecasts

Pictured: Hurricanes Karl, Igor, and Julia in 2010 courtesy NOAA Oil rigs and refiners along the Gulf Coast could soon receive two additional days to batten down the hatches before a hurricane blows into town, says Bob Gall of the American Meteorological Society. It is working to improve hurricane tracking models enough to increase "skillful" forecasts from five to seven … [Read more...]

Drewry: Old habits die hard for carriers

Drewry's latest Container Forecaster analysis questions carriers financial prudence as they go back to their old modus operandi of chasing market share irrespective of revenue. London, 10 January 2011 – Drewry Shipping Consultants believes that the industry has emerged from the global recession with both carrier profitability and demand figures bearing this out, but … [Read more...]