“EMILY” – The Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard

Continuing with our interest in safety equipment and the latest lifesaving technology, we were happy to stumble across this system that is currently being tested by lifeguards at Malibu's Zuma Beach. Designed by Tony Mulligan of Hydronalix, the Emily - short for Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard - is a remote controlled bouy system capable of reaching speeds of up to … [Read more...]

Fast Rescue Boats – A Photo Slideshow

One topic that came up during multiple interviews with Deepwater Horizon crew was equipment. The three leading comments were... We really should have been able to carry knives. Davit launched liferafts suck. The Horizon really should have carried an FRB! … [Read more...]

Quiz – Titan Pullers?

You have all done well on the previous quizes so here's a challenge. What's featured in the picture above? UPDATE: Ignacio-Wenley Palacios correctly identified the photo as marine salvage equipment known as Titan Pullers. The company's website says: Titan's 300-tonne linear hydraulic pullers otherwise known as “Titan Pullers” is shown above. The pullers have … [Read more...]