Quiz – Titan Pullers?

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July 4, 2008

You have all done well on the previous quizes so here’s a challenge. What’s featured in the picture above?


Ignacio-Wenley Palacios correctly identified the photo as marine salvage equipment known as Titan Pullers. The company’s website says:

Titan’s 300-tonne linear hydraulic pullers otherwise known as “Titan Pullers” is shown above. The pullers have been used in a variety of manners including dragging vessels off the beach or onto barges, parbuckling vessels, rolling vessels onto barges or onto breakwaters or to vertically lift sunken vessels. Several examples of relevant “Titan Puller” jobs are provided on the bottom of this page to illustrate the versatility and capacity of these machines and Titan’s ability to successfully apply skill and innovation to accomplish challenging wreck removal jobs.

Here is a photo fo the pullers in action:

Hydraulic Salvage Equipment

Read more about these masters of disasters HERE.

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