Fast Rescue Boats – A Photo Slideshow

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May 31, 2010

One topic that came up during multiple interviews with Deepwater Horizon crew was equipment. The three leading comments were…

We really should have been able to carry knives.

Davit launched liferafts suck.

The Horizon really should have carried an FRB!

gGcaptain is working on articles addressing all three of these topics. For the knife issue we are suggesting that all mariners concerned about both hand safety and survival at sea get a knife with a sheepsfoot blade (makes it hard to stab yourself!) and a whistle… our favorite can be found here: Best Knives For the Pro-Mariner. As you can tell from this incident there is often not enough time to go get even the most basic equipment during an emergency. So our suggestion is: read the “best knife” post, buy a Spyderco Assist Rescue Knife
today, carry it at all times.

Davit launched liferafts are not a good option… more on this later.

Every MODU should have an FRB (Fast Rescue Boat). Until the article on this issue is written, enjoy the slideshow above showing many different types of FRBs.

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