Opinion: American LNG, Oil and Coal to China via Mexico

By Albert A. Melvin (Opinion) - The USA, China, and Mexico have an excellent trans-Pacific trade opportunity that can greatly benefit all three countries for the next 25 years and potentially beyond. The key is a state of the art, deep-water port in Sonora, Mexico taking advantage of the naturally deep water in the Sea of Cortez. This proposed port would be very similar, … [Read more...]

Deja Vu All Over Again

By Captain George Livingstone - Some of you may recall another phrase, “Call me Cassandra”.  The term, originating in Greek mythology is used when valid warnings or concerns are either dismissed or disbelieved.  In the space of just 90 days since my January column “2018 The State of Maritime” where concerns about modern maritime safety were discussed, there have been … [Read more...]

2018 The State Of Maritime

By Captain George Livingstone (Editorial) As we enter 2018 what is the state of the international maritime industry? The Cruise ship industry is booming, building incredibly big ships along with record profits and creating a few questions about safety. The Container shipping industry is after the same strategy, building more and more incredibly big ships minus the profit … [Read more...]

Ships: A Risky Business

By Captain George Livingstone - One of the worst storms I ever recall was a winter day off the coast of Oregon. We were transiting northbound with a loaded Salt barge when a deep winter low crossed our slow moving tug and tow. The conditions built to storm force (60-65 knot wind, 24-27 foot sea/swells) and then stabilized in a following wind and sea. This was winter … [Read more...]

US Navy Loss Of The USS Guardian, 2 Patrol Boats, USS Fitzgerald and USS McCain. Why Does The List Keeps Going?

By CDR Joe Tenaglia, USN (Ret) - Four ships in four years - not to mention USS Antietam grounding and the USS Fitzgerald collision - apparently due to breakdowns in seamanship, something is wrong. Having served for a combined 36 years in the Navy and the civilian Military Sealift Command, I have had the opportunity to compare both systems of grooming deck watch standers. In … [Read more...]