Editorial: Readying for the Maritime Attacks of the Future

By Christopher Porter - When security professionals address threats to transportation security, the discussion usually centers on aviation risks. After 9/11, counterterrorism efforts naturally focused on preventing future disasters in the air—spectacular, lethal risks to passengers. As cyber threats have proliferated and become a greater focus of public attention and … [Read more...]

U.S. Maritime Industry Not Prepared for Future Cyber Attacks, Survey Shows

The U.S. maritime industry as a whole is not prepared to respond to today's cyber threats, putting it at severe risk of being targeted, according to a new maritime cyber security survey of key maritime stakeholders. The survey, described as a first of it's kind in the U.S., was conducted by the maritime practice of the law firm Jones Walker, LLP. It reflects the responses of … [Read more...]

Clarkson Plc Reveals Details of 2017 Cyber Security Incident

British shipping services firm Clarskon Plc on Tuesday revealed details of a cyber security incident that took place last year in which an unauthorized third party gained access to the company's computer systems in the UK, copied data, and demanded ransom for its return. Clarskons said it learned of the breach on November 7, 2017 and immediately took steps to respond, manage … [Read more...]

Suspected Chinese Cyber Espionage Group Observed Targeting U.S. Maritime Industry

FireEye, a leading cybersecurity company, released new research on Friday shedding light on activity from suspected Chinese cyber espionage group, dubbed TEMP.Periscope, targeting U.S. engineering and maritime industries. Since at least early 2018, FireEye has observed an ongoing wave of intrusions suspected to be from TEMP.Periscope, the company said. These intrusions have … [Read more...]

UK Shipping Firm Clarkson Falls Victim to Cyber Attack

Nov 29 (Reuters) - British shipping services provider Clarkson Plc on Wednesday said it was the victim of a cyber security hack and warned that the person or persons behind the attack may release some data shortly. The company's disclosure, while a relatively rare event in Britain, follows a series of high-profile hacks in corporate America. Clarkson is one of the world's … [Read more...]