Scary Video Shows Giant Cranes Collapse in Small Dutch Canal – Incident Photos and Video

At least 20 people were injured Monday when two huge cranes positioned atop a barge collapsed onto houses in the Dutch town of Alphen aan den Rijn. The cranes were being used to hoist a large section of bridge across the canal when one of the cranes - and the bridge section - collapsed onto houses lining the waterway, causing the second crane to go down with it. Media … [Read more...]

Rotterdam Terminal Gets Three More Super Post Panamax Cranes

Another three super post panamax ship-to-shore cranes arrived Tuesday at the ECT Delta Terminal at the Maasvlakte industrial complex at the Port of Rotterdam. The remotely-operated cranes have a lifting height of 50 meters under the spreader and can reach across 24 containers wide, making them capable of handling even the world's largest containerships. The cranes were … [Read more...]

Dyneema Fiber Technology to Gain Foothold in Offshore Crane Sector

The vessel pictured above may look like a run-of-the-mill subsea IMR (inspection, maintenance and repair) vessel, however upon delivery to Australian offshore vessel operator Mermaid Marine this October, she and her sister vessel will feature something that no other vessel of its kind has, an active heave compensated offshore crane that utilizes fiber rope rather than … [Read more...]

Offloading Giant Cranes from a Ship – Here’s How It’s Done [VIDEO]

The arrival of four new Super Post-Panamax container cranes at the Port of Houston had a lot of people wondering exactly how they are going to offload the cranes from the deck of the heavy lift ship to dock. Well, the answer is fairly simple: a combination of wheels, rails and pulling. Just think of a train on railroad tracks. The below video shows exactly how they do … [Read more...]