EMAS’ Lewek Constellation Receives Giant Piece of Stern Hardware

Rob Almeida
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January 30, 2014

After arriving quayside at Huisman China last week, EMAS’ flagship, Lewek Constellation has since received a rather serious piece of heavy lift machinery.

Utilizing Huisman China’s new 2,400 mt quayside crane known as the “Skyhook,” the Lewek Constellation’s 3,000 metric ton-rated Offshore Mast Crane was installed on to the stern of the vessel over a three day period.

Huisman notes that the vessel will leave China in April and is due to arrive at Huisman Schiedam mid-2014 for the installation of the 800mt Multi-lay Pipelay Tower.




About the Skyhook

Huisman notes that their 2,400mt ‘Skyhook’ has been in operation at their Chinese facilty since spring 2013 and has two primary lifting configurations: a heavy lift configuration, capable of lifting 2,400mt at 30m outreach (maximum lifting height of 100m) and an extended reach configuration, capable of placing a 200mt load at 90m outreach (maximum lifting height of 140m).

Since it’s been in operations, the crane has been used to install two 900mt Heavy Lift Mast Cranes for BigLift’s ‘Happy Sky’ as well as one 850mt Offshore Mast Crane, two 800mt Offshore Mast Cranes and various 300mt Pedestal Cranes.

Images (c) Huisman

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