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“Geared Up”

Rob Almeida
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March 11, 2014

Image: MacGregor

When I first got into the commercial maritime industry, I remember a few people saying how they worked on a “geared bulk carrier” and I thought to myself, “I guess he means his ship has gears on it,” but I honestly had no clue what the difference was between a geared bulk carrier or any other bulk carrier.

Well, if any of you are still confused about the term, the image above shows exactly what “geared” means.  It indicates the bulk carrier has equipment on deck to facilitate the onloading and offloading of cargo, such as the MacGregor-built cranes above, or perhaps a conveyor belt to offload coal or similar products.

Lemissoler Navigation, a dry bulk shipping firm based in Cyprus has recently signed an order with MacGregor to have thirty-two of their cranes and associated equipment installed on their fleet of eight, 58,500 dwt bulk carriers currently under construction at New Times Shipbuilding in China.

The DNV-GL classed vessels will be delivered starting in mid-2015.

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