Colombian Man Survives Two-Months Lost at Sea Eating Seagulls and Fish

A Colombian man has been rescued after spending a remarkable two months stranded at sea aboard a disabled 23-foot skiff. The 29-year-old man arrived in Honolulu in relatively good condition on Wednesday after being rescued by the crew of the Panamanian flagged bulk carrier Nikkei Verde on April 26 in the middle of the Pacific Ocean more than 2,000 miles southeast of … [Read more...]

Castaway Who Survived 15 Months At Sea Accused of Eating Friend

The remarkable story of Mexican castaway Salvador Alvarenga has taken grim turn as the family of the boy who accompanied him on his ill fated fishing trip off the coast of Chiapas Mexico has accused him of cannibalism and is suing for $1 million dollars. Alvarenga was made famous in 2014 after spending 15 months adrift at sea in a small fishing boat. He set out for … [Read more...]

Real Life Castaway Returns Home

The real life castaway that miraculously washed up recently on a Marshall Islands atoll after more than a year adrift in his small fishing boat has returned to his native El Salvador. The castaway, who has since been identified as Jose Salvador Alvarenga, arrived Monday night at El Salvador's capital of San Salvador after a flight from Los Angeles. Alvarenga, who first … [Read more...]

Castaway Jose Salvador: Blame the Tehuantepecer?

By Surfline/Buoyweather Chief Meteorologist Mark Willis By now you have likely seen the media coverage of Jose Salvador’s story. If not, Jose is the famous shark fisherman that washed up on the shores of the Marshall Islands just days ago.  It is estimated that he spent the last ~13 months at sea, but we don’t know for sure.  When the Buoyweather meteorology team heard the … [Read more...]