In the Arctic Ocean, at Least, Diplomacy Works

By The Editors (Bloomberg View) -- Amid resurgent nationalism and talk of nuclear war, it's been a rough year for global diplomacy. So a 10-party agreement to protect the waters of the planet's far north qualifies as a minor miracle. For the next 16 years, commercial fishing will be prohibited in the central Arctic, a Mediterranean-sized patch of icy ocean more than 200 … [Read more...]

Modern Cartographers Breaking Arctic Ice

  by Lauren Steenson (USCG) Modern day explorers from Arctic nations  are setting their sights north to map the seabed and establish sovereign rights to resources in an icy area that just over a decade ago was virtually inaccessible. Coastal nations have sovereign rights to ocean resources that extend 300 miles past the country’s coastline. Under … [Read more...]

The Internet Wants to Name the UK’s New £200 Million Polar Research Ship, RRS Boaty McBoatface

Once launched in 2019, it will be one of the most sophisticated polar research vessels ever built. A $300 million state-of-the-art newbuild capable of carrying out the most advanced floating research in the farthest ends of the earth, anticipated to propel the UK to the forefront of ocean research for years to come, and, if the internet gets its way, it will be … [Read more...]

BSEE Funding Arctic Oil Spill Response Research

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has announced that it is investing up to $600,000 for targeted oil spill response research in Arctic ice. The announcement follows a call from the Bureau for white papers on new mechanical technologies for cleaning up oil spills in drifting ice conditions that could be found in an Arctic environment. BSEE says it … [Read more...]

Holy Climate Change! Arctic Sea Ice Melt Shatters Records

Arctic sea ice appears to have reached its minimum extent for the 2012 melt season at a mere 3.41 million square kilometers (1.32 million square miles), shattering previously held minimum extent records and reinforcing the long-term downward trend in Arctic ice extent (Bloomberg) -- Arctic sea ice on Sept. 16 shrank to its lowest ever in a satellite record stretching … [Read more...]