Kulluk Drilling Rig Grounds After Tow Lines Fail [Incident Photo]

Latest Update (Jan. 2): Overflight Video, Environmental Groups Respond as Damage Assessment Begins on the Stranded Kulluk By Yereth Rosen ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A large drill ship belonging to oil major Shell ran aground off Alaska on Monday night after drifting in stormy weather, company and government officials said. The ship, the Kulluk, broke away from one of its … [Read more...]

Alert and Aiviq Regain Control of Arctic Drilling Rig Kulluk in Gulf of Alaska Storm [UPDATE]

Latest update on the Kulluk Grounding Update: On Monday night, the Kulluk broke tow and ran aground. Latest: Kulluk Incident As a fierce Gulf of Alaska storm intensifies, the drilling vessel Kulluk is back under tow this morning by the Aiviq and tug Alert. All three vessels are currently located about 19 miles southeast of Kodiak Island facing winds of 55 knots and … [Read more...]

Coast Guard: Crews Battle Fierce Storm While Assisting Disabled Aiviq and Kulluk [Incident Photos]

Update from USCG on the disabled Aiviq and Shell's Kulluk drilling unit near Kodiak, Alaska. At this point it seems that the Aiviq's engines cut out as the result of a bad batch of fuel. All 18 on board the Kulluk have been evacuated by the Coast Guard. Scroll to the bottom for more photos. Earlier information on this incident can be found HERE. JUNEAU, Alaska — Coast … [Read more...]

MV Aiviq Breaks Down in Alaska While Towing Shell’s Arctic Drilling Rig

The USCG said Friday that it is coordinating a response with Royal Dutch Shell representatives after the company's brand new $200 million AHTS, the MV Aiviq, "experienced multiple engine failures" while towing the Shell's arctic drilling rig, the Kulluk, approximately 50 miles south of Kodiak Island Friday. We should point out that Aiviq's engines did not "fail" and at this … [Read more...]

Ship Photo of The Day – Aiviq Waiting Anxiously in Dutch Harbor

Today's ship photo is of Shell's $200 million AHTS, Aiviq, sitting in Dutch Harbor just waiting to go 'do-what-it-do' in the Chukchi Sea.  The photo was taken on July 30th, and since then a few vessels in Shell's arctic flotilla, Aiviq included, have started to trickle up North. Shell's had a tough time this summer with its arctic drilling program.  Permitting delays, a … [Read more...]