Strong Winds, Storms Prove Troublesome for Somali Pirates: A least six pirate groups missing at sea

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December 12, 2011

By JD, Somalia Report

The number of pirate attacks off the Somali coast has declined considerably in recent weeks due to strong winds and storms with pirates reporting that at least six of their groups and six of their boats were lost at sea.

The six pirates groups from Harardheere, Hobyo, Garacad, Bargaal and Ceel Dhanaane area have still not returned from their hijacking missions, according to pirates who spoke to Somalia Report on Sunday.

“Winds and storms greatly affected us. We were forced to decrease our attacks these days. Six groups of my friends, using six speed boats, have been lost. We haven’t heard from them in twenty days. Three groups were from Garacad, Bargaal and Ceel Dhanaane while another three groups were from the Harardhere and Hobyo area,” said Mohamed Ahmed, a pirate in Bari region.

“I don’t know exactly how many pirates went to sea, but they were at least 53 pirates using six speed boats, carrying different weapons and our equipment to hijack vessels,” added the pirate.

Another pirate in Harardheere area also confirmed the incident to Somalia Report.

“A total of six groups, each one using one speed boat, are missing. We call the storms and winds like this ‘Wajiilo’-time. It will continue until the next month and we are trying to wait or go to sea carefully. We know that two of the speed boats were lost in the Indian Ocean while the other one was lost in Red Sea,” added the pirate.

The missing pirates are from mixed clans in Somalia, including the largest clans of Daarood and Hawiye. Several well-known pirates were investors in the failed expeditions.

Guushaaye, a pirate commander holding the MV ALBEDO, was an investor in one of the six boats. Khaliif Dhoore, a pirate from the Saleebaan clan – a sub clan of Hawiye – who hijacked Ukrainian vessel MV VIENNA in 2008, was also an investor in a missing group. Mohamed Garfanje, the hijacker of Fishing vessel FV ARIDE, also arranged one speed boat of these six groups.

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