Stena Drillmax – Photo Of The Week

John Konrad
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February 10, 2010

Stena Drillmax Drillship

This week’s interesting photo is of Stena’s latest drillship the Stena Forth. This photo shows her departure from Samsung Heavy Industries at their Goeje Shipyard, South Korea.

Of this ship Stena Drilling tells us:

The Stena DrillMAX fleet is being built by Samsung Heavy
Industries at their Geoje shipyard in South Korea. The Stena
DrillMAX fleet are dynamically positioned drillships designed and
certified for year-round, world wide operation in ultra deep waters.
This latest generation drillship is able to operate in harsh
environment areas such as the Norwegian and Barents Seas
down to -20°C (including operations in Barents Sea extreme winter

The Stena DrillMAX fleet is equipped with hydraulic drilling
packages and complies with all current Norwegian regulations.
Please Note: The figures presented in this brochure are for a basic
DrillMax design, thus a rig specific IADC equipment list should be
requested to view actual values.

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