SS UNITED STATES going up for Sale/Scrap

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February 14, 2009

The classic American oceanliner, SS UNITED STATES appears to be going up for sale:

The SS United States Conservancy has learned that the SS UNITED STATES will soon be listed for sale. The SS UNITED STATES was purchased by Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) in 2003, and ownership of the vessel was recently transferred to a holding company controlled by NCL’s parent company, Hong Kong-based Star Cruises. In light of current economic conditions, the SS UNITED STATES is now in grave danger of being sold for scrap. The Conservancy’s press release related to the impending sale of the ship is available here. – SS United States Conservancy


Looks like the clock is ticking. Unfortunately, I can’t see this ending well. After all, the ship has been out of service since 1969.

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